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Serving American food in Cliffside Park, NJ.


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This was my first ever time ordering from Americana & I'm so glad I gave it a shot instead of listening to some of the bad reviews regarding the delivery time. I ordered disco fries & a cheesesteak hero at like 2 in the morning on a Saturday night. I think my food was legitimately finished 10 mins before he got to me because it was freshly hot/warm & all in all it only took 45 mins to arrive (I live a town away) The delivery man was super nice & gave me a call to let me know he was here instead of knocking and waking up everyone in my house which I genuinely appreciate. The food is worth it especially if you're ordering late at night & in the process of choosing between a few shady options on grubhub.


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I retract my last review ..... I love this place the food is delicious the Reuben sandwich is the best I have had in nj .... there is just a small issue with a delivery once because grub hub didn't know they weren't open at the time I ordered my food and I waited 2 hours but they called me the absolute second they opened and apologized and rushed my food over ... they are a great place


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I loved every single thing. I've ordered very late night but order came very fast and in great shape. Also delivery person was very nice too. I'll definitely order again. Thx guys


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Food was fantastic but my grilled chicken and cheese order of bacon, mayo and mozzarella cheese came with American, mustard and no bacon. But the food was fantastic.


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I ordered from here for the first time after a long night of call of duty and I found this place that I ordered around 2am and the food was great

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If youve ever had original fat sandwiches or anything close to it doesnt get better than this. The fat Yazz is delicious ! Very filling and the perfect cheat meal.


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I dont know if other people will like it but Buffalo wings and mozzarella sticks are AWESOME AWESOME for me. Buffalo sauce is not so spicy but quality is great. Thank you


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Consistently delicious, fast and on time. Hands down the BEST tres leches in the UC, WNY, NB area. You can order knowing you're in store for a great meal.

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